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European genever is made with traditional, artisanal production methods, has a unique high quality taste, and an incredible range of styles.



The original recipe from 1820. Back then, Bols introduced a new recipe with a subtler and more harmonious taste. That’s the one that ended up revolutionizing cocktails in the USA. It’s still as complex and powerful today. True story.

Bols Genever blends over 60% of our unique Lucas Bols malt spirit with 22 botanicals – ranging from juniper berries, hops and coriander, to cloves and ginger. Exceptionally smooth and complex due to the unique Lucas Bols malt spirit recipe, as a good genever should be.

Comes on with an initial apricot tone with sweet macadamia nuts, followed by clove and toasted rye. Brings your tongue to life thanks to our Master Distiller’s secret ingredient that has been used for more than 3,5 centuries in Bols Genevers.


Our premium genever, with over 60% of our unique Lucas Bols malt spirit. Hand-produced in limited quantities by our Master Distiller and stored for at least 18 months in oak casks from the French Limousin region – giving it its golden color and sweet, rich, oaky, flavor. This is the genever for sipping, drinking neat, or the traditional Amsterdam ritual of the ‘Kopstootje’. Consider it one for the true genever connoisseurs of the world.

Distinctively smooth and complex, with a round malt flavour and a woodiness combined with vanilla and apricot tones.


Malt spirit is the heart of genever. It’s what makes genever genever, you could say. We wanted to showcase our unique malt spirit in its purest form – just like how they were drinking it way back when in the 17th century and to show what we use to make all our Bols Genevers unique combination of long fermented corn, rye and wheat, triple distilled in copper pot stills, which is used in all Bols Genevers. We’ve bottled it at 47% copper pot still strength as an ode to that original 17th century spirit. Complex to make with a complex flavour, giving bartenders worldwide a new ingredient to enter new territories and recreate some of the earliest drinks ever made. Exceptionally smooth and complex: grainy, grassy notes with undertones of fresh citrus and green apple.



Lucas Bols is world’s oldest distilled spirits brand, since 1575 in Amsterdam creating liqueurs and Dutch genever. Bols Genever is the world’s oldest and number one genever, distributed in over 20 countries world wide and in more than 3500 bars in the USA.

The Bols family started their distillery called ‘het Lootsje’ in 1575 in Amsterdam with the production of liqueurs and in 1664 with Bols Genever. The company is named after the influential grandson Lucas Bols because he turned the distillery into and international company in the 18th century. In 1700 he became a majority shareholder of the VOC (United East Indian Company) ensuring himself of first choice of newly arrived exotic botanicals and spices. These botanicals and spices were used in distilling, macerating and percolating extracts which were used to develop 300 different liqueur recipes. Using his VOC connections he also made a first start on world-wide distribution of Bols liqueurs and later Bols Genever.

In 1664 the Bols family expanded its expertise in distilling with the production of the famous Dutch drink genever. A flavourful drink made from fermented rye, wheat and corn, triple distilled in copper pot stills and blended with a juniper distillate and other botanical distillates. This blend gives Bols Genever its characteristic smooth and malty taste. Bols Genever was bottled in the characteristic clay beardman jugs that genever would become known for. The craft of distilling and the Bols recipes have been passed down the generations of Lucas Bols Master Distillers, as is still being done today.

In 1820 Bols developed a new revolutionary genever recipe with a more subtle flavour. This new Bols Genever was shipped to the United States and played an important role in the cocktail revolution. In the world’s first cocktail recipe book, written in 1862 by bartender Jerry Thomas, one in four cocktails was made with genever. By the end of the 19th century, genever was six times more popular than gin in the United States.

After two world wars and prohibition in the United States in the 1920s, genever was almost forgotten. But, at the request of international bartenders who were rediscovering classic cocktails, the original 1820 Bols Genever recipe with over 60% of malt spirit was relaunched in 2008—now in a glass version of the old stone jug.

The classic taste of Bols Genever is back and is used worldwide as the ultimate cocktail base: for classic and modern cocktails and has been awarded many gold prizes around the globe as best new spirit, including the Best Genever 2017 Award.

In 2010 Bols also launched a Barrel Aged version of its Original Bols Genever and in 2017 its Bols Genever 100% Malt Spirit, showcasing the rich ingredient that makes any Bols Genever stand out in terms of taste and mixability.




  • 1 oz. genever
  • 1 oz. Galliano L’Aperitivo
  • 1 oz. sweet vermouth
  • Serve the lightbulb next to a rocks glass filled with ice and garnished with an orange twist



New trends in flavor and distillation methods in the 19th century made the style of genever cleaner, crisper and more accessible – hence the name “new-style”. While the proportion of malt spirit dropped, pure grain alcohol became more popular – and it’s this neutral backdrop that brings out the avor of the botanicals. A boundary-pusher of a drink, our genever is inspired by the impact this spirit had on the cocktail world of centuries past (then known as Holland Gin to distinguish it from English gin).

With only a hint of malt (about 7%), our new-style genever is full of copper-distilled botanicals – like the curious orange-apple from the Dutch Antilles, which brings out a unique citric freshness in the spirit.


Our old-style genever echoes the more refined distillation process of the 17th and 18th centuries. With the classis taste of malt spirit, nearly 20%, heavy on juniper berries and light on botanicals, this genever has a strong yet smooth flavor, making for a refined taste that’s as popular now as it was 300 years ago. To create a drink that’s as accessible as it is sophisticated, we balance malt spirit that’s been matured in oak for 17 years, juniper berry distillate that’s been triple-distilled in copper, grain alcohol and unaged malt spirit. This beautifully silky combination is a product of patience and craftsmanship.


To discover the core flavor of Dutch distilled spirits, we went back to the original distillation techniques of the 16th century – creating a full-bodied avor that transports you right back to the origins of genever, when it became popular in the Dutch Golden Age. This noble spirit travelled the world on Dutch VOC ships, including to England, where it evolved into gin.

A unique combination of juniper berries distilled in copper stills coupled with 51% of malt spirit made from corn, wheat and rye gives this malt genever its characteristic powerful kick.

While Oloroso sherry casks are used to add depth of avor, botanical extracts like caraway, fennel and sweet woodruff give the spirit its smooth taste.



De Borgen’s entire range is inspired by the rich history of Dutch distilled spirits. And that celebrates three unique styles of genever that are being put back in the spotlight of the international spirits markets. Inspired by the stories of the past 400 years, our products are based on recipes from the 16th century, techniques from the 17th century, and botanicals and distillation methods from the 19th century. The history, secrets and flavors of bygone eras regain their place in De Borgen’s bottles. Our spirits range along a spectrum from cask-aged genevers with the complexity of whisky to light genevers with the herbal characteristics of a delicate gin.



While De Borgen’s product range may be new, the flavors inside our bottles have existed for centuries. In De Borgen, we rediscovered a piece of genever history; we wanted to protect these authentic flavors that we so firmly believe are worth preserving for generations to come. Traditional recipes and distillation methods have been translated into authentic flavors that people still love today. Genever is a cornerstone of Dutch culture – but it’s also played a role globally. Bartenders across the world are rediscovering this authentic, natural, artisanal product that’s made with passion and craftsmanship.



De Borgen produces and bottles its spirits at Hooghoudt, a small family distillery in the north of the Netherlands. Established in 1888, Hooghoudt is renowned for its centuries-old tradition of capturing flavors from herbs, spices and fruit to create high-quality drinks that keep our typical Dutch flavors alive. Hooghoudt uses both traditional and innovative techniques to distill small batches of the finest spirits. With its in-depth knowledge of this professional craft, Hooghoudt is a 4th generation family distillery – making it the perfect fit for the production of De Borgen’s authentic spirit range.



Of the hundreds of genever distilleries that the Netherlands has been home to, Hooghoudt is one of the few fully independent distilleries to have stood the test of time. Hooghoudt is the only distillery in the Netherlands that focuses completely on genever, for instance.

If our genevers were made anywhere else in the world, they wouldn’t taste the way they do now. That’s the influence of the ingredients grown in the land surrounding Groningen, the production process in our Groningen distillery, and the mentality of the people of Groningen. Northerners are stoic and self-willed, that’s for sure. But they’re also full of life – passionate craftsmen with a love of particular flavors. Flavors that mostly originate in our own province and region.




  • 1 egg white
  • ½ oz. sugar syrup
  • 1 oz. lemon/lime citrus mix
  • 2 oz. genever
  • Dash of club soda
  • Garnish with lime zest



Founded in Groningen in 1888, Hooghoudt is a quintessential family distillery five generations strong. In business now for over 130 years, The Hooghoudt family has been working its tail off to distill complex and progressive Genevers. Using recipes passed down for five generations as well as experimenting with unorthodox new blends, we like to think we combine the audacity of a pioneer with the obsessiveness of a Dutch genever dynasty. 100% natural, 100% audacious.

Since 1888 we have been passionately distilling genever without a whole lot of shortcuts or compromises. Which isn’t surprising, as our hometown of Groningen is renowned in the Netherlands for its stubbornness and precision. Impervious to outside influences, we have a master distiller’s understanding of natural botanical, distill traditional style using copper kettles and continually experiment with geographically protected herbsand grains.We bring passion and respect to our work every day, as well as a quirky personality that distinguishes our brand from all others.

As one of the last independent Genever distillers standing our single-minded focus on genever gives us the freedom to passionately pioneer and explore new recipes. This experimental mindset is in the DNA of our family –a curious clan of spirited craftspeople devoted to bringing current and future generations both traditional and irreverent genevers.

Few people know the story of genever, and even fewer know its place in history. As one of the world’s most devout genever distillers, we feel it’s our responsibility to tell it through our unique recipes, our bottles and our family of charismatic genevers.


Hooghoudt Holland Gin

This is not Gin–this is HOLLAND Gin. A Gin style that was around before people even thought in Gin styles. At a time when every Gin was Holland Gin and no one tried to be cute. Distilled by master craftsmen and exported by early Dutch explorers, Holland Gin became the king of pre-Prohibition spirits. The brave precursor to all others, this Gin basically laid the foundation for today’s vibrant global cocktail scene. So to you dear drinker we say: for get the pretty little English botanicals and embrace our rich grain. Our Gin is less flowery, but more charismatic and robust. A refreshing–and refreshingly complex–blend of four 100%copper distilled grain distillates, fresh fruits, subtle botanicals and juniper berries. It’s a spirit that can only be described as….RAW. In fact we’re willing to bet our clogs that this is the rawest Gin you’ll ever drink. Exactly this is what makes Hooghoudt Holland Gin the perfect companion for mixing classic cocktails or something more refreshing like Grapefruit soda. The English say Cheers, but original Gin drinkers say Proost. So…Proost!

Hooghoudt Aged Genever 5yr

Aged Genever is what happens when master distillers rewrite the rules for aged malt spirits. Our incredible rich Genever combines natural botanicals with a pure mix of grains, traditionally distilled using copper kettles and aged in very old sherry Oloroso casks. A highly complex 5-year old spirit sipped neat by forward-thinking aristocrats or mixed confidently into pre-Prohibition-style cocktails by open- minded barmen.

Hooghoudt Sweet Spiced Genever

Sometimes you just need to spice things up. You know, sip some glitz and taste the gold. Well, friend, you’re knocking on the right door. Our Spiced Genever is outlandish galore. An exotic cocktail of vanilla and cinnamon, juniper and liquorice, this slightly sweet Genever comes with a disco kick. More pop art than punk rock. Best sipped in a glittery clubs, not grunge basements. It’s a gorgeous 100%natural spirit created by 5th generation craftsmen who, for one golden moment, let their hair down. We know what you’re thinking-what claim can a 19th century Dutch Genever distiller make on today’s edgy urban cocktail scene? To this we boldly say: A-plenty. We give you as evidence our spirited pitch in twelve words or less. Devout distillers. 100% all-natural ingredients. Geek devotion. Family business. Since 1888. There’s a lot of fake in this world, we like to believe our Spiced Genever ain’t one of them. Think of our Sweet Spiced Genever as the bright new spirit in a of god-honest Dutch Genevers.


Bobby’s journey. Schiedam, the Netherlands. It is here, in the jenever capitol of the world, that Herman Jansen distills his first maltspirit genever in 1777. This unique spirit, lovingly known as ‘Dutch Courage’, is shipped to the United Kingdom where over time it evolves to what we now know as London Dry Gin. In 1950, Jacobus Alfons, or Bobby to his family and friends, born in Naku, Ambon (Indonesia), migrated to the Netherlands.

Bobby loved Dutch Jenever, but missed the taste of home, so he started infusing his jenever with familiar Indonesian spices and herbs. Unknowingly creating his own gin. And laying the foundation for Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin.

In 2012, Bobby’s grandson Sebastiaan discovered an old bottle at his mother’s house. Inspired by the story about his grandfather and his unique Indonesian recipe, he went to Schiedam, the city where gin originated. There he met the seventh generation master distiller of Herman Jansen. Together they started working on creating a unique gin, blending the tradition of Schiedam jenever with the best Indonesian botanicals and spices. After almost two years of distilling, developing and refining, Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin is born.

In 2016, Bobby’s Schiedam Jenever came as a brother for the Dry Gin. It was genever that Bobby infused and what evolved into Bobby’s dry gin. Since 1777 Herman Jansen is distilling maltspirit genever. We sat down with the master distiller to refine our own taste through a malt spirit base new style genever that benefits the name Bobby’s is named after my grandfather Jacobus Alfons, known to his friends and family as Bob or Bobby. It was his recipe that inspired us to make a very fine and balanced new style genever of 4% of malt spirit, five botanicals, no additives, sugars or extractions. Simply pure taste.


Bobby’s Schiedam Genever is a real Dutch genever made with Juniper, cardamom, lemon grass, ginger and cubbeb pepper. The design is a modern interpretation of a classic Genever bottle, striking white lines on a green bottle that is covered by a sturdy Cork. The best way to enjoy Bobby’s Schiedam jenever is to drink it from a Tulip glass.



  • 1.5 oz. genever
  • 1.5 oz. Vermouth del Professore
  • 1 dash of Orange Curaçao
  • 2 dashes of Angustora bitter



Notaris Bartender’s choice. On request of and in cooperation with some of the best bartenders around, Herman Jansen created this smooth 100% maltspirit with a nice raw edge. The original ingredients for this classic cocktail are the perfect inspiration to make new history. This Notaris, which contains 47% of alcohol, is made for purists by purist from purists.


Notaris 3 yrs has aged in oak barrels for at least three years. During these three years the Notaris has been allowed to mature calmly, which lends Notaris 3yrs its unparalleled flavor and its unique aroma. Notaris is distilled from a combination of three grains: corn, rye and malted barley which makes it a 100% malt spirit genever. The distilling process takes place under municipal supervision in the traditional distillery De Tweelingh in Schiedam, the Netherlands. Consequently, Notaris 3yrs may carry the official numbered warranty seal.


Out of the cask warehouse of the Notaris Distillery “De Tweelingh” The Jerry Thomas Project selected their favourite casks to make their own Notaris Bartender’s choice blend, representing Rome. The Notaris bartender’s choice Rome is a delightful 100% malt spirit Genever with a combination of 10yrs old Notaris Maltspirit genever together with a 15yrs old Notaris maltspirit genever combined with an unique Rye distillation all produced at Herman Jansen Beverages in Branderij “De Tweelingh”.


Herman Jansen is a family-owned distillery, located in Schiedam, the Netherlands, and has been producing spirits since 1777. For over seven generations the family dedicated their lives to building a business based on honesty and quality. The Dutch Jenever distillery from back then has developed into a global company, offering a wide, modern range of spirits throughout the world. Dedicated craftsmanship, in combination with sound knowledge and our open approach to collaborations, gained us world fame in distilling and led us the honorable Distillery of the Year award and the prestigious classification of World Class Distillery in 2012. Born out of ambition to introduce our quality labels on a global scale, we created The House of Herman Jansen, which represents a continuously growing premium selection of fine spirits and liqueurs.

It is 1777 when Peter Jansen takes over a malt spirit distillery in Schiedam’s Kethelstraat. The success of this malt spirit from Schiedam, sold to jenever distillers throughout the Netherlands, makes Peter expand swiftly.

Peter Jansen passes away in 1812 and is being succeeded in the company by his second son, William. In 1825 William buys a beautiful, stately mansion. With this exquisite property comes a distillery, which is again situated in Schiedam, at Noordvest.

The mercantile spirit of Dutch distillers goes beyond national borders. Of which Peter Jansen’s great-grandson Herman’s entrepreneurial drift is an illustration. In 1895 Herman begins to transport malt spirit abroad.

In 1909 Herman Jansen starts his own glass factory after discovering that the glass supplier he works with charges significantly lower prices to Herman’s competitors. With a sense of irony, Herman renames the factory UTO: Established Out of Vindication.

In 1928 Herman Jansen’s son, Dick senior, takes over the business from his father. Dick Jansen senior and Dick Jansen junior decide to commence a new distillery in 1987: Branderij De Tweelingh, where the original Schiedam malt spirit of Notaris is the first malt spirit jenever that is being produced under the municipal regulation of 1902. From now on, Notaris is avowed to carry the municipal seal.

In 2012 Herman Jansen is being awared, by the organization of the World Spirits Award, Distillery of the Year and seizes the classification World Class Distillery.

The emphasize Herman Jansen’s excellence globally, 2014 marks the founding of The House of Herman Jansen. Without compromising on quality, and treasuring the Schiedam roots, this high-class label assembles a unique portfolio with brands that will conquer the world.

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